ChurchHealth is privileged to be a part of a strategic alliance of agencies in the Pacific Northwest. Below is a brief description of the individuals and agencies which are cooperating together to advance the work of the kingdom in the Northwest and beyond. Links are provided for your convenience to connect directly with their email and/or web sites.

  • ChurchHealth Headquartered in Edmonds, Washington, Dr. Richard Bergstrom, Founder & President.
  • Northshore Baptist Church, Kirkland, Washington. Richard Bergstrom serves as an Executive Pastor at Northshore, as well as overseeing 2nd Half Ministry.
  • ConvergeWorldWide has contracted with ChurchHealth and the Bergstroms to develop a training model for leaders in Age 50+ ministries and to coordinate 2nd Half Ministry in CWW.
  • ConvergeNorthwest. The Northwest District of the ConvergeWorldwide (BGC). Dr. Richard Bergstrom served from 1999-2001 on assignment from ChurchHealth as the Interim District Executive Minister of the Columbia Baptist Conference. Contact: ConvergeNorthwest. Phone: (206) 365-9890. Email Steve Welling at
  • Church Resource Ministries. CRM is headquartered in Anaheim, California. They offer a number of tools which we have found helpful in resourcing pastors and local churches, including the ReFocusing Your Church material. The network model developed by CRM was utilized extensively throughout the Pacific Northwest. ReFocusing tools are available through ChurchSmart at 1-800-253-4276.  CRM is located at 1240 N. Lakeview Ave. Suite #120 in Anaheim, CA 92804. 714-779-0370.