ChurchHealth Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

by Richard Bergstrom, D.Min., Founder and President

I awoke very early the morning of March 9,1995. Filled with enthusiasm and excitement, I drove to the Secretary of State’s office in Olympia, Washington determined to incorporate ChurchHealth as a non-profit organization. I prepared for a long wait, and even brought a sack lunch to tide me over. The clerk called my number and asked me to stay. She retreated to a back room with my documents. Within 10 minutes she returned with a stamped copy of my articles of incorporation and a Certificate of Incorporation. I had just given birth to a ministry! It was a joyful and significant experience.

The idea had percolated in my mind for almost a decade, but was delayed while we concluded a pastorate in Colorado and then worked under two different non-profit ministries consulting pastors and churches in matters of renewal. I became increasingly disenchanted with consulting models that knew the answers to a church’s needs prior to ever setting foot on their campus. By naming our organization “ChurchHealth” I resolved to provide a diagnostic approach to a church’s issues rather than offering a cookie cutter approach to ministry.

I have enjoyed multitudes of ministry opportunities over the years including serving as Executive Pastor on the staff of Northshore Community Church in Kirkland, Washington. I am now changing jobs and, effective January 11, I returned to work full-time in ChurchHealth, the ministry God called me to start 20 years ago!

We are celebrating the past 20 years – but focusing on the next twenty! Our theme is Celebrating 20 Years with 20/20 Vision!

Check out our current ministry at (focused on church revitalization) and (focused on personal renewal).