Our ministry to a local church often begins with a contact with the pastor (or in the absence of a pastor a board chairperson) to inquire about the health of your church. If the church has a need to move beyond that, it can result in a consultation followed by coaching to ensure the implantation of the strategies for achieving health and growth.


Through our website, fill out the contact form, email us, or call us directly. Our initial conversation is at no charge and may be in person, by phone, or Zoom to get acquainted with your situation.


Our consultation begins with an assessment of your church’s readiness.

Following the assessment we offer a follow-up consultation on the results.


We offer coaching services by phone, email, and on-site.
Adjustable fees based on church size, duration of coaching

Fees vary according to the level of involvement on the part of our staff. All expenses incurred by ChurchHealth on behalf of a church served are reimbursed to ChurchHealth, or personally to the staff. ChurchHealth is a not-for-profit faith ministry incorporated in Washington State and recognized as a tax-exempt 501(c) (3) organization by the IRS.


ChurchHealth is able to contract with a church or an agency for an extended period of service. Examples have included contracts with churches: